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8 ways to a successful purchase for buyers. [ARCHIVED]

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If you buy right it can help your business, home and personal interests.

In response to the success of the previous article: “8 ways to a successful income on Fiverr.com” we felt the need to create one for buyers - after all it is the buyers which maintain fiverr and make your (seller) success a reality.

Thank you buyers.

Common grounds:

What do I need?


What should interest you/put you off from buying this gig.

Communication is the key to a happy purchase.

Common goals.

Money - and your benefits.

Millions of gigs - which one should I pick?

Millions of sellers, who is the one for me?

  1. What do I need?

    Well I would say a clear description of to what you are looking, but if it’s for your personal use, browse freely and select that unique gig. On a professional level have a description in mind and start by searching.

  2. Browsing.

    Once you have the search results in front of you start browsing through the choices you may have. Note that 1 keyword can change your entire results so use common words yet keep changing them. For instance: You are searching for a logo creation gig, searching “LOGO DESIGN” brings you 36346 results, however by simplifying your search to “CREATIVE LOGO DESIGN” it actually brings you more results: 39531. Try with: “BRAND CUSTOM MODERN LOGO DESIGN” And click “High Ratings” you’re left with 6 results.

  3. What should interest you/put you off from buying this gig?

    A) What makes you want to choose this specific logo designer - That’s your personal reference however I personally would look through the designs (port folio) the gig offers. That will definitely make my choice.

    B) What will make you turn away?

    Unprofessional port folio, bad English and the negative ratings not including “Late. Seller failed to deliver on time”

    {Those negative reviews will never turn me away. Ever. Why? The review had nothing to do with the design at all. If he is professional I would use him with or without those reviews.}

  4. Communication is the key to a happy purchase.

    Although this should have been Number 1 knew you would get up to here 🙂

    I keep on saying this. Clear Communication is the key to a happy seller/buyer and a less cancellation ratio.

    Why? It is like anything in business! You wouldn’t go and purchase a product with out much details.

  5. Common goals.

    Every buyer comes to Fiverr with a vision. Either you were looking for a logo designer or better yet any of the 3 million gigs offered. You had a common goal. Get a service done for an affordable price. Does that mean that you can make your seller do everything? Remember it’s on the $5 range!

  6. Money - and your benefits.

    Because its your money you can make the seller do a lot for $5.00. But remember quantity is NOT quality! What are your benefits? When buying on Fiverr you save tons. Literally. Your second benefit is that you can decide whether to hire a seller on a constant bases or for a one time job. You have a third benefit: Ask for your specific job to get done - and you will start getting sellers who would like to help. So Fiverr was made with you in mind!

  7. Millions of gigs - which one should I pick?

    Do you have an idea? Want to make it happen? It can get done with fiverr sellers. Need an icon design? It can also get done on Fiverr. How about a full website creation service? That also can get done on Fiverr.

    Even if you are looking for puppet show… that can also be done on Fiverr. Simply use Fiverrs PRO button, the amazing search button or even request a random gig pick at your finger tips…

  8. Millions of sellers, who is the one for me?

    The most important for last…

    So your new or have been on fiverr for a month with the common question. How do I know which seller is fit for me?

    The purpose of gig reviews is for that. And the purpose of the sellers response time is for the communication department. Want only a seller from Canada? Simply see the flag…

    Which seller is for me? (Ex: Looking for a logo designer)

    Search using the Fiverr search box for the terms “Logo Designer"

    View a few future sellers, ones which you like their port folio.

    Contact them with your details and elaborate on the points which are most important to you.

    Once you receive a reply go ahead with the order.

    It’s as simple as that.


    Make sure prior to ordering that the seller will deliver on your requirements such as ones stated before the order like” “Unlimited revisions” or all file types for the $5.00 etc.

    Upon the sellers completion give a rate! Was it a satisfaction working with the seller? Like the work? Give the seller a positive rating as this will help his reputation on fiverr!

    It is YOU, the buyer that makes Fiverr so successful!

    And yes, I really enjoy your comments,


    (The Creative Guys)

    **Note Fiverr deserves to be capitalized!

    ***Do not apply every detail to every order as this will probably get you confused.

    Read it once and use it for all the purchases to come!

    (July 20 update, sorry about my English and the clarity, I’m in the middle of fixing that up!)
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