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Fiverr killer Tips For New Seller

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This post only for new seller, so experts people skip this post.


are you a new seller on fiverr, i hope todays post is helpfull for you. Today i share with you some effective tips for how to create a professional and perfect gig on fiverr. If your gigs are not perfect you can't genarate any order on fiverr. So when you create a gig on fiverr, must be carefully maintain this point.

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword consistency
  • A Good URL
  • Attractive titles
  • Description and tags
  • Sensible pricing
  • Same day delivery
  • Staying online
  • Utilizing FAQ’s
  • Optimizing images

Carefully maintain this point, i hope you gig rank on fiverr.


Thank you very much



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2 hours ago, shiblee696 said:

Same day delivery

Please tell me how this works on gigs that say, require more than 10 hours of work?

When I was new on Fiverr, I offered to write up to 50 thousands words. That's physically impossible. 

While a good gig is really important, I think most of these posts (like yours) that say the same things forget about the other side.

- Good communication skills

- being honest about your experience

- having talent in what you offer

- offering something that people actually need. 

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