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Why did my gig impressions drop when I'm overbooked and didn't rise when I removed the order limit.



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Unfortunately Fiverr's algorithms and indexing only function is to better index sellers who have a much higher chance of converting the customer (and getting the platform their beloved 20% fee). There is also an (in)famous rotation of sellers gigs indexing but in two years here I have still not understood if that's real or an urban legend 👽

So, when you became overbooked, the platform stopped showing your gig immediately, as allowing customer to see your gig when you were literally not able to help them would have made no sense. So the subsequent change in metrics was quite sudden.

On the other hand, as OOO, users experience a slow recovery from the drop in impressions (and therefore clicks and conversions) so you just have to wait and hope everything becomes as it was, but if you keep your performance high everything is going to be alright.

One suggestion I can make is to use very parsimoniously features like "overbooked" limit and OOO mode.

Try instead setting your delivery times a little longer so you can take a couple more orders simultaneously without being forced to use those features.

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