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Small business marketing tips


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Hello buyers🙂! I am sam a social media advertising specialist. Here I would like to discuss small checklist about small business marketing. Over the internet you will find tons of article and content. So, I have shortly analyze the growing online market, Big bosses and found the basic strategy. That you may carry for your startup and small businesses. 

1) Your selective product should be market honey [demanded].

2) Website interface should be easy to use till the checkout page. 

3) There should not be any burden for a buyers. [Ex: fill email, contact etc] 

4) Give market best price with attractive discount.

5) If your products need to physically shipping; then try to send it faster. 

6) Build your customer trust, so whenever exchange & return will be raise give it high priority.

7) Create social pages as per your products and keep daily or weekly post, offers, deals on products. etc.

8.  Use social media advertising to scale your business and potentiality, also it will be help you to build a brand trust on your targeted location. 

So, this are the basic tips for small business / startup business.

Here you can hire an expert from fiverr;  As the range of web designer, logo designer, social media advertising specialist etc are available in best price range. Those will be give you extra mileage on budget, compair to any local agency. 

Let's give your valuable reply on my basic Marketing tips... 


N.B- Do not reply if you are a Fiverr seller.

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