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Fiverr Gigs Impression and Clicks


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Hi there.

To improve your impressions, you need to have a correct tag.

and deliver good result. Sooner or later, your impression will increase.

Building your gigs will affect your click. NOT Impressions.


Anyways.., i only check 1 of your gigs.

You need to change your attitude towards your gigs.

As new seller, we can have three image. You didn't bother to maximize it.


Thumbnail is bad. Too messy. and image is blurry.


Overall: You need to greatly improve your gigs.

Try to gain the knowledge by yourself.

Fiverr already provide us with everything to build a good gigs.  (learn from fiverr)

Check this course:










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13 hours ago, themecreate said:

hi ridwansugi, I am also a new seller in fiverr. I published 7 gigs. If you don't mind can you give a look on couple of my gigs?

Hi there.

Just quick suggestion.

Wordpress builder is too common in Fiverr.

If you want to be successful here, better to offer something specific.

As long as you only offer website - wordpress, i don't think you can get decent order.

Plus.., didn't recommend to have 7 gig with same services.



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