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Payoneer new ToS



 Hello, i just notice this message fron Payoneer.

I'm not fluent in English, so i personally didn't understand what is this mean. 

It says: We're writing to let you know that there are some fee adjustment coming into effect soon on Fiverr Ltd. Payouts international disbursement.

in 2018, we introduced a standard loading fee that is deducted when payments are disbursed from marketplaces and companies.

While this fee was not collected right away across all payment methods, we're writing to inform you that a fee of 3.00 USD will start to be collected from disbursement by Fiverr Ltd. Payouts international in 60 days, from November 3, 2021

This fee will only apply for payments you receive from November 3, 2021 onwards and will not be collected retroactively.

We appreciate you business and would like to thank you for you continued support

Thank you, 
The Payoneer Team

*if you do not agree with this change, you can terminate your Payoneer account with no additional charges by contacting us before November 3, 2021.


Does it mean every income i get from Fiverr and if i'm using Payoneer to withdraw it to my local bank it will cost me $3? 


P.S: i have the screenshot but strangely i can't attached it here.

Thank you in advance.

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