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Successfully completed 300 orders


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Today I have successfully completed 300 orders after joining this platform science May 2020. During this long period of time I have learned a lot of lesson, hopefully I can use it in the future. It took almost one month to get my first order and things are getting better. During the hard situation of this pandemic situation it was a great source of extra income.  I would like to thank all my buyers, friends, family member and well wishers for this. Without all of them it will not be possible.

For the newcomers I would like to share my personal experience. 

1. Before joining this platform please gain proper knowledge. You don't need to be master of all but know at least one subject very well (before joining this platform).

2. Fiverr is not a easy money making platform. So don't think that you can make millions within a short period of time.

3. Have proper idea about keyword research, image seo, gig ranking, tags etc (before joining this platform & don't copy other's gig).

4. Be humble and create good communication with your buyer.

5, Never hesitate to learn new things.

6. Please be patient and wait for good time. 

Thanks and best wishes for all

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10 hours ago, nazrul780 said:

Congress dear bro go ahead 


10 hours ago, rm_sabbir said:

Congrats bro


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Congratulations bro


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Congratulations brother. Best of luck to you😀

Thanks all for your well wishes. 

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