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Clicks/impressions ratio. What's yours?


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Hey guys, have you ever wondered what a good clicks/impressions ratio could be? Mine is roughly 2% and I'm not sure if it's good or not.

This ratio is important because it shows you how well your Gig performs in search listings: the lower this ratio, the less attractive your Gig preview (thumbnail/title/pricing) is.

What is your clicks/impressions ratio? 

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This depends entirely on your niche/category/competition/pricing/buyers. Let's say you have a gig with a price tag of 250 bucks. You will expect fewer people to click it, because only people with a higher budget will be interested. But out of those few, you might get a couple of sales, earning you 500 bucks. 

Now compare that to the 10 dollar gig who gets 3 times as many clicks and orders. They have still earned less than 100 bucks. 

Yes, click-through-rate is important to measure your performance in search. I constantly tweak and experiment with this. 

What I can say is that my CTR varies between categories, from 0,19% CTR to 2,30%. Yet all the gigs I have outperformes other sellers (usually more than 80% of sellers!) in my category. 

From this I can gather than there is no set number that's "good" or "bad".  It depends on what you're selling, your pricing, your competition, your buyers and your category. 



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