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Need help to selling my GIG ( last 53 days no selling )


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Good day.

I am new in Fiverr.com World.

I am totally new and not getting any orders already 53 days gone. Till I am trying my best and not give-up. Kindly help and advice me how my gig will start to get the good impressions and clicks ?

My gigs impressions going down day by day.

I am offering 100% authentic with organic grow offer, my research is very strong and giving many things in just $5 even then why I am not getting any orders.

Guide and please help me please what is the reason behind fiver success. Thank you in advance.



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Your post is in the wrong forum section. The "Fiverr site suggestions" section I think is for giving your suggestions on eg. what features could be added to Fiverr. Things like that.

If you want suggestions about your gig it should really be in "improve my gig".

But for your gig you could make your gig image clearer so it can be easily and quickly read from the profile/search results. There's probably too much text in it for that.

Also in your FAQ section you say "Can you imrove the English in my script?". I'd change that.


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