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How to get the more order


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1 hour ago, aaimran said:
  1. Create multiple gigs based on your skills 
  2. Stay online
  3. send buyer request 
  4. provide great service


47 minutes ago, wd_raju_hossain said:

1.Stay online as much as you can (Almost 18 hours)
2.Send Buyer request. Hope you will get order soon. 


12 minutes ago, alamin1970 said:

Stay online as much time you can.

Send buyer request regularly.

Upgrade your skills.


The amount of people spreading the 'must stay online' myth is getting really frustrating.
By being a part of the problem and giving poor advice, the people you're giving trash advice to are then going spreading the same trash advice as they think it makes a difference.


Staying online 24/7 makes zero difference to how your Gig performs. Zero.
The only time it will affect you in searches is if the buyer specifically toggles the 'show online sellers' function. 99% of the time, they don't.
If you take a look at any experienced long term seller on the forum, none of them stay online constantly or give advice to always be online.
The only thing you will achieve is a severe lack of sleep, a poor work/life balance, your work being effected due to presumably being miserable from constantly being in front of your phone or computer, and frustration as to why being online constantly is not working.


Also, sending buyer requests is again poor advice. Fiverr is a platform based around the whole concept of buyers coming to you!
By focusing on the buyer request section all you will achieve is underpaid work with buyers who aren't great to work with and your first experience as a seller will likely be a negative one. If you want to be stuck performing $5 jobs all your life, this is the way to do it.

Focus on your Gig. Showcase your skills. Build credibility.
There's a million and one ways to improve you Gig to make it attractive to buyers.

Lastly, don't feel the need to create 7 Gigs for the sake of it. Quality is much better than quantity.
Yes, it will help you reach more search areas, but if you have 7 Gigs that aren't any good, it's pointless. If they're all unrelated, you don't actually have the skills for the service you're offering, or are all offering the same thing, it's pointless. I have three Gigs and I've optimized them to the best that I can, and I'm in a position having to consistently turn down work and I'm overbooked 90% of the time.


TLDR: Stop giving out trash advice. Please.

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