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Custom Payments For Level 2 & Above

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I would like to have custom payment option, where larger amounts can be paid by buyer instead multiple orders created. My Gigs brings repeated customers for larger projects and as a level 2 member they have to make multiple gig purchases to pay. I have order for $975 and give me a headache to put together. I have several of them.

Can be this way; Buyer able to pay custom for over $165/ Level2. with ceiling to $1500 or $2K. As I can get this kind of orders which I believe many other sellers too. Well since buyer & seller agree on the price why burden them. Just a simple custom payment option will fix the issue.

I can understand it might beat the purpose of the system. Then just give ability to seller send custom purchase link within fiverr escrow. So system there & no-body hurt, now we have larger money making chance.

Lets discuss possibilities.

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