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Gig not appearing unless user searches for specific title



Hello all,

My gig, which is titled 'I will build you a modern, responsive website", is apparently not getting listed under the "Custom Websites" category, which is what I set it as. The last time I searched for that specific title, it showed up on the first page of results. But if I browse the "Custom Websites" category, it's nowhere to be found. I literally went through all 19 (I believe) pages of results. I've even filtered the results by online sellers, which yields two pages of results, and I'm still not showing up.

I've reached out to Fiverr's customer support regarding this issue, but was never really provided a clear answer as to why this was happening.

This is without a doubt creating a huge hurdle in my ability to attract potential clients if they're unable to find it by its category. The odds of a potential client searching for "build modern, responsive website" strike me as being significantly less likely than them finding it while browsing that category.

I'm mostly just trying to understand why this is happening, and what I can do to fix it. 

Any help would be much appreciated!



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