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My gig is not found on search page when searched with a US IP.


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I trust you all are doing great, I noticed something that left me heartbroken, often time I usually use different IP to check my gig position on Fiverr search result and everything seems doing well, but recently I noticed that one of my gig is not found on search results when you using a US IP and it has become a burden to me. For example, if I search with other country's IP, I will see my gig but if I use a US IP, I won't see it. Has anyone experience this in the past? If yes, how did you get it fixed? 
Please share your experience or advice me on what to do to get it fixed.

Awaiting your response.

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If you're not able to see your gigs with a VPN that absolutely doesn't mean nobody else can see them, search results varies person to person, I think you should focus more on Optimization and Quality of your gigs, rather than worrying about your own gig position. 

Positioning of gigs is totally random and it depends on many factors other than country only. 

As long as you're receiving impressions you're receiving the traffic which means you're visible to other people and that's it. 

In the end It's all about sales, and with that level of research you should know that sometimes people on 5th page have higher number of orders than the people on first page or with the tag Fiverr's choice. 

Good day!



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