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Got My Gigs On First Page Again and Awaiting For New Normal...


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I was not making any sales for the last 2-3 months, as all my Gigs suddenly deranked to the last page. I did not know what to do, All I did was to edit, edit, edit... and that took me to bad to worse. 
Also i went through so many youtube channels and also on fiverr forum to know how I can get back on truck, but I will tell you... all those advices on fiverr has nothing to do with getting your gigs ranking onto first page again and thats useless. trust me.. 

And few weeks back, I spoke to a friend of mine on fiverr who is doing well with sales, I asked for his help and all his advice was for us to wait for 2 weeks without any edit and things will get normal. Like he said I stopped myself from editing the gigs and hold tight to my nerve from stop editing the gigs. 

Trust within a week i got my Gigs onto First Page and Here I'm posting my Experience. 

Thank you. 

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8 hours ago, anisocialmarket said:

I've done that as well, waited for two weeks without editing my gig at all and still nothing happened. Did you do something else in the meantime like promoting the gig to social media or sthg? 

Nope. I did not.. Before your gigs get deranked, was it on the first page?

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