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I am promoting two gigs its been two days with zero orders


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Hello , 

I just started promoting two of my gigs with CPC of 0.50 and 5$ budget daily each gig. My gigs are not ranking on the top and I am getting clicks but zero orders or messages. What should i do. Should i increase my CPC for better reach? The CPC i have is twice the minimum required in my niche. I look forward to anyone who can help me with this.

Thanks in advance. 

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you can watch this webinar about promoted gigs. 

paying for promoted gig doesn’t mean that they will show you on top, it means that you will be shown compared to other sellers and how likely is a person to buy your service. 
you yourself checking gig position doesn’t mean anything. 
If you do get clicks but no orders then increasing your pay per click wouldn’t do much, it means that there is something that attract people but when they open your gig it doesn’t convince them to buy or something that even pushes them away. 

Plus two days is too short to get any information on effectiveness 

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