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Gigs wont come in and impressions go down as well


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I started with fiverr in July. My first oder came in already after 2 days and got a 5star review. I felt pretty lucky. The next order came in one week later and I got a 5star review again. Then I thought more and more gigs will come in because of the good reviews and my knowledge I had from reading lots of stories from reddit. But it wasnt like this. I tried to improve my gigs, but nothing helped. My impressions and clicks also went down. I did everything I could with my knowledge and just waited. After 2 months (last week) a previous buyer from me ordered again and left a 5star review as before. I hoped that orders will come on now or that my impressions will raise again. But both did not happen.

Is there anything I can do or does someone else has a similar experience?

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