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How is it possible?


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On 9/21/2021 at 3:33 AM, smashradio said:

Is what possible? That someone is a TRS?


It's possible, perhaps people won't agree with me but It's not all about great service, quality or originality to become a TRS on Fiverr. 

3 Factors are there

Income generation - Avg selling price - Conversion rate. 

If you complete an order worth $1,000, you're in the eyes of system trust me, If you complete 10x$1,000 orders, you better be in the eyes Editorial team. 


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I thiiiink the thing you cannot believe is that there is a seller with only one gig offering?

I believe I've read that Fiverr prefers TRS to not have redundant gigs offering same/similar services. There are a number of TRS that offer just one gig and seem to be doing very well.

I just took a quick peak at your profile and saw that you offer 15 different gigs... There are times when less is more.

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12 hours ago, anisocialmarket said:

What is the ideal number of gigs? 

The ideal number of gigs depends entirely on what you have to offer. Not many people can offer 15 different services - and do a good job of it. I have a few gigs. A couple of them are writing (a general writing gig + SEO content gig), one is for translations, and the other for voice over. I've got a side-gig for voice-overs offering IVR, and one for elearning, since they require different pricing and customization options. 

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