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How to increase my gig rank.


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2 hours ago, asiq_uzzaman said:
My gig's rank is slowly declining, for now what can I do to increase the rank.

Gig rank is based on several metrics. The most important one is customer satisfaction. If your buyers aren't happy, they will let Fiverr know in the hidden feedback after an order. So make sure to always give your buyers the best possible service. 

Beyond that, gigs are rotated on a regular basis. Your position is not permanent. 

Make sure your gigs are optimized for search, do a great job of making your buyers happy, and you'll rank higher. 

I see that you have no reviews, so you probably haven't gotten off to a good start. That's probably because you had no business plan, strategy and did zero research before you started your gigs. 

Starting a business takes time, effort and investment. You can't just make some gigs and expect to "rank". 

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