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3 top tips for WINNING on Fiverr, number 3 will SHOCK you!

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So I've been doing this Fiverr thing for about a year now (not full time, just as a little side hustle). Here's three things I learnt that will help you win Fiverr!

  1. Posting on the forum constantly will do exactly diddly squat to help your growth on Fiverr. It just ruins the forum SO STOP IT
  2. Being online 24/7 will do nothing but make you hallucinate
  3. Be patient. If you're in a popular niche (writing, voice over, logos, web dev) it might take a while to get your first order, wait it out or make your gig more specific so that you aren't competing with everyone and his pet cat.
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  • andywarburton changed the title to 3 top tips for WINNING on Fiverr, number 3 will SHOCK you!

I can confirm the second tip works. 

Source - all the allnights I pull when I'm close to being late with something. 

Seriously speaking though, I hate this mentality of 'if you freelance, be avaliable even when sleeping'. No. Sleep when you're sleeping. (and...eat and stuff, too.)

Being more unique definitely helps though. But... that's harder than copypasting a guru's readymade description so.....

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Patience has it's merits but one can wait till the cows come home for the moon to drop into their pocket, but it will always remain a futile endeavor.





Be patient, but have your patience tempered by reality. If you don't receive an order for months or years, it's not a fault of the platform, it's a fault of what you are offering and/or how you are offering it. 😕

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