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Impressions dropped to 0 - how can I get exposure of my gigs back?



Hello Experts

I always had a lot of impressions on my gigs and therefore also at least 2-3 orders a week. 6 months ago I changed my gig description and titles. Ever since I don't seem to get any gig impressions on my 3 translation gigs. Before I changed anything I had over 1000 impressions on all of my gigs, now I have literally 0 impressions, my gigs don't show up in search. How do I fix this? How can I get Fiverr to show my gigs again? Should I create new gigs - but then I won't be able to keep my reviews?

I had to cancel 2 orders in the same time period and had one late delivery. I think this also affected the exposure of my gigs. But now I have 100% in all aspects and am Level one seller again. What can I do about this, how can I change this rather unfortunate situation?

Thank you for your help.
greetings Julian :))

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