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I´ve extended the order time, but my buyer is still not providing the information I need to complete the order, what can I do?



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Congratulation on getting an order and experiencing such incident. 
If your buyer isn't replying to you it doesn't mean that you are a bad seller or your impression is bad. He/she might be a busy person and might be doing something else. 

Increase the deadline by a week to give your buyer a complete opportunity to get back to you once he is ready. There is a possibility that he might be writing, drawing, or gathering all the information that you asked for or you need to further dig into to the ocean. 

If you feel like the buyer isn't going to respond, then you should deliver the order with the work you did for him. If the buyer gets back he'll ask you for the revision otherwise your order will be marked as completed after 3-days of your delivery. 

If you do not feel safe make sure to contact Fiverr Support Team. Hope this reply satisfies all your inner questions. 


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