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How can i Start again on fiverr



Hello Sellers,

I am Aftab and I am on fiverr since 2017 and i have completed approximately 100 orders but i was not working on fiverr from last one year Due to this all my gigs de-ranked and I delete all my gigs.

Now the problem is that I have created some new gigs and have tried my best but i am not getting any order. I am an experienced designer and my work quality is very good, but i don't know why I am not getting any order. i am sending buyer request daily but getting no order. Can anybody guide me how can i rank my gig or how can i do SEO of my gig.  I am open to spend money, but i need results.

I will be very thankful if anybody help me in this matter




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I will say the first mistake you did by deleted your old gigs which has few reviews.

However, for SEO follow these

And for description, follow AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action).

And gig image gives a better result to convert impression to clicks and possibly clicks to sales.

Also you can advertise your gig on social media.

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