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Promoted gigs unqualified and Fiverr gig deranked my all gigs to last page also need suggestion for top rated


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2 hours ago, qasimm55 said:



My 6 gigs ranked but unfortunately i lost my all gigs ranking and also receive notification i unqualified for promoted gig. Give me suggestion how my gig return in rankings.


GIgs are rotated on a regular basis. If you lost the option to promote your gigs, that probably means you haven't impressed your buyers lately. They are asked to leave a hidden review after their order, and that determines, at least partially, if you qualify for promotion. The same metrics will have an impact on your ranking, meaning if you got negative hidden feedback, that might be the reason for your gigs dropping. 

Besides that, gigs are rotated on a regular basis. Keep on delivering high-quality services to your regular buyers and make sure your gigs are optimized for search. Beyong making your buyers happy and having an outstanding gig (with nice thumbnails, videos and a flawless description) there's little you can do. 

Becoming a top rated seller is a manual process, and the level is awarded to exceptional sellers who consistently deliver quality over time. It can take years and years to get it, or you might never get it at all. Don't count on it. 

I just read one of the reviews you got recently, some a buyer who things you promise too much. That's not a good thing, at all. Always underpromise and overdeliver, not the other way around! 

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