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Next to one of the economists on the train
There was a young man sitting. There was a look of concern on the young man's face. 3
After a while, the two of them became acquainted. At one point in the conversation, the young man told the economist ...
Young man: I got married 6 years ago
I did. My wife loves me too
In love I also have a 5 year old daughter. I have achieved enough success at work. But 1 year ago I met a beautiful girl and we fell in love with each other.
Economist: What do you do now?
Young man: I want to divorce my wife. However, we have not yet made a final decision.
I am very worried. What can be done, you say?
Economist: Hmm ...,
It is really difficult to choose between the two.
But if you analyze the economy, your problem can be solved !!
Suppose you ... solved a difficult problem for your boss. Now he wants to give you a reward. He gives you two rewards
Asked to choose one.
You will be given 5 lakh rupees in cash.
6 lakh will be given after 2 years.
Which one will you take then?
Young man: Of course I will take 5 lakh rupees in cash.
Economist: Why?
Young man: Who knows what will happen after 2 years?
There is no guarantee that I will get the money after 2 years. But I will be given 5 lakh now.
Economist: (laughs) You are right.
Similarly, in the future, there is no guarantee that the beauty will love you as you do now. But you know for sure how much your wife loves you ...
The young man, realizing his mistake, embraced the economist with great emotion and cried ...


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So, basically, an incredibly selfish young man wants to divorce his wife, and abandon his young daughter, both of which he made a life-long commitment to, in order to start a new life with a different woman he is having an affair with. He meets a random "economist" on a train, who tells him that "yeah, its a tough choice to make between a loving family and an affair with a beautiful woman". The economist then tries to create a solution to this "tough choice", with a rather flimsy economics comparison, which miraculously makes the selfish young man instantly change his heart, and long-established way of thinking, as he hugs this random stranger, and cries "with great emotion".

Perhaps I missed the "great emotion" of this story.

Both the young man, and the economist, are terrible people. The young man is having an affair with a "beautiful girl", which he has told his wife about (who, I'm sure is heart-broken and angry), and wants to divorce her. The random economist should have just said, "dude, you're married. Stop being so selfish", and parted ways. The whole economics "educational illustration" was completely unnecesary (and unrealistic).

In addition, I don't see how this is a Fiverr Tip For Sellers (as this forum category was created to be). The whole, apparent story lesson of "value what you have now, instead of seeking something better", is the complete opposite of being in business as a freelancer. The whole point is to grow your business by looking for better opportunities along the way.

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I was quite confused with the story, I'm with @jonbaas on this one.

I don't understand the moral/lesson of the story ( not sure if there are any), all I am getting from this is some guy who cheated on his wife and was ready to leave his family for some younger gal he met. OK, MAYBE, just MAYBE the wife became all selfish and lazy over the years, maybe the daughter was spoiled and became a spoiled brat, but judging from the fact that this dude "realized" his mistake, I'm assuming that his wife is a decent woman. It's just that maybe she ain't as young and pretty as this other cheating girl but that is not the wife's fault.

The economist sounds like an idiot too, I'd be tempted to smack both of them across their faces.
Not sure why this is an "educational post," whether it has something to do with Fiverr or not.

You know what, what do I know. I really suck at reading between lines, maybe there is some deep hidden messages in the story but I'm just too dumb to notice it.
I'm tempted to rewrite that whole story.

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@jonbaas @zeus777 This user appears to try to post inspirational posts. Here is one they posted earlier that puzzled me as you will see by my reply. Plus when it was posted the OP had a man's image, and when I went to his gig page I saw the image you see above. Now on the post I am posing a link to the image matches the one on their profile. 


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