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Does that makes a good reason for cancelation?


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I’m new at fivver and I’ve made my first order few days ago.

My order was from a seller rated as “1 level”, she’s 1 month on the website, when I ordered she had about 10 feedbacks, but 100% positive feedback.

Her official basic gig included illustration of 2 characters +background (I’ve made a screen shots). She had an extra gig for 2 additional characters.

I wrote a message to her before I have ordered. I explained that I need illustrations for my book. I asked if her gig includes 2 characters and background (as she written) because I wanted to make sure. She said it does.

She complete the order quite profesional. But then I sent her a message that I’d like to make orders of the rest of the illustrations and she said that backgrounds are an extra gig now. She also changed her gigs as now a background is actually an extra gig (once again - I made screen shots).

From one hand, I’d hate to cancel the order or to give a bad feedback (actually I immediately gave her a positive feedback) because she put time in one illustration.

From the other hand:

  1. Needless to say, I can’t use her one illustrate at all. I ordered now from another illustrator with her unique style.
  2. It was a “whole” project - so technically - she didn’t deliver to me what I needed. Seriously, I can’t use her one illustration anyway.
  3. I feel it’s realy unfair to change the rules in the middle of a deal. She maid a price and then, in the middle of the project, she changed it. If I knew from the beginning I wouldn’t ordered from her.

    Please let me know whats right to do - should I cancel the order? (Am I even able to do it after she sent the illustration?)

    Also, maybe I should mention I’m a very comfortable buyer - after she sent me the illustration I thank her privately and gave her a great review. I didn’t ask anything further (revisions, etc.). So the fact she changed her mind about pricing her gigs wasn’t related to me.

    I’ll appreciate your advices
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I agree with the above poster.

If you ordered the gig at the time that consisted of 2 characters and a background and she delivered it in full, then she deserves the good feedback.

Sellers can and will change their rates and what they deliver in the job description. For example, I moved up to Level 2 and started receiving HIGH amounts of orders. Therefore, I have to increase my price, otherwise, I’d be swamped with 10 orders a day and only making $40 for work that’s worth a lot more because of good quality according to all my positive reviews and level 2 standing. The way Fiverr works is the higher the rating, the better the seller. It’s like “you get what you pay for” kind of deal.

If her description changes, you have to communicate with her. Although you were a customer prior to the change, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed permanent $5 price like in your first order.

IF you ordered the gig PRIOR to her changing the description, then I would communicate with her, letting her know that you ordered it BEFORE she changed it.

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