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6 minutes ago, shahzadsahb said:

if anyone want to translate any language. i can translate .

fiverr link


If anyone would like any languages translating, here is the link to my Fiverr Gig -



There. I Fixed that for you :classic_wink:
I understand English is not your native language, and not everyone is going to be fluent in terms of their sentence structure and grammar.

But, you're offering English as one of your translation languages. Taking look at your Gig, there are lots of mistakes with your English. From a customer perspective, if you aren't getting the writing on your Gig page correct to attract clients, should I really be trusting you to deliver quality work if I wanted an English translation from you?

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Just now, shahzadsahb said:

okay then tell me what i do to improve my gig?

First step would be to make sure that everything is spot on in terms of grammar, spelling, and flows naturally when read. Especially for a Gig that is pretty much centered around language.

Secondly, I can see that you have no portfolio or examples of your work on your profile. Again, from a buyer perspective, I can not see anything on your page to back up your claim that you're an experienced translator, and I can not look at the quality of your work. You need to establish credibility.

Also, you're only making use of two search tags for your Gig. Translation is a super saturated category on Fiverr and you're not going to stand out, plus potential customers are not going to be able to find you.

I just don't see any evidence that you are in fact an experienced translator. As a customer, I would be 99.9% sure that you're just going to use Google Translate, and I could do that myself for free.
Where did you learn these languages? What is your process when translating? What translation work have you done in the past?
You need to give yourself some form of credibility.


Those are just a few points I have briefly seen on your Gig. I can't tell you how to make it perfect, or what works specifically for you. But, it needs work. A lot of work.
There is a lot of useful information here on the forum from experienced, long term sellers. Don't pay any attention to the mentality you will see from some people telling you to create 7 Gigs and then go and beg for $5 underpaid jobs in the buyer request section. You can check out YouTube too, I have found many useful videos from sellers who give great advice for newbies starting out.

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