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You have two gigs for flyers instead of one. The sample graphic for both gigs is a book cover not a flyer or a brochure, and it has a stolen image of an actress on it. If you want to sell book covers, make a book cover gig, and use a sample that has images you're legally allowed to use as well as text that can be read all the way. Don't have two gigs for the same thing or with the same cover images. Use a sample of a brochure and a flyer for your brochure and flyer gig.

If you don't have samples of those things, you're not ready to sell them yet. Go make a dozen samples of each and then pick the best three for each of your gigs. Then you might be ready to sell them. 🙂 Then make a hundred more in between orders and keep swapping in your best ones until you're the best brochure and flyer maker in all of Sri Lanka. Go make some cool art, we can't wait to see it 🙂

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