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The email was in spam i recently check this what does this mean?


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3 hours ago, imtiazkeerano07 said:

Hi imtiazkeerano07,

A quick note to confirm that your Form W-9 information was reviewed and approved by the U.S. tax authorities.

No further action is required on your side.


It means the W-9 form was reviewed and is approved by the U.S tax authorities, just like it says. I have no idea why you would get this e-mail, unless you have filled out your W-9 form on Fiverr, but that's only meant for persons from the US. So why a seller from Pakistan would get any notice about this at all, is something I can't answer. You should reach out to Fiverr support if you have doubts about this e-mail. You can contact them at support@fiverr.com

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