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4 hours ago, taahmina_akter said:

is Promoting  gig in social media a violation? or against Fiverr Community Standards?

No. You can promote your gig using paid ads on social media, like Facebook. You can also share your gig on social media. But it probably won't get you much business to put your gig in Facebook groups and so on. If you want to market your gig in social media, the best way to do it is setting up a professional landing page (with no contact info!) that leads to your gigs, and then pay for ads on Facebook for that landing page. Linking directly to your gig in Facebook ads will often get your ad deactivated by Facebook, even though Fiverr is ok with it. 

Using Google Adwords is strictly prohobited to market your gig. This is something Fiverr does not allow. 

Hope this helps!

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