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Tips for making sales for the first time

Guest ebookpro01

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Guest ebookpro01

Making your first sales as a beginner on fiverr is not so easy to achieve though there are some lucky guys that after creating theirs gigs, for a very short time they will get orders. But what if you aren’t that lucky? we have to employ additional efforts to ensure we record a success on fiverr. We have to ensure that the following strategies are met:

  • Creating a Good Gig title and description: Here we have to be very careful so that we can create a unique gig that will stand out from other seller, We have to put up a good Gig Title and a detailed Description so that buyer won’t get confused on what your Gig is all about. Outline everything that your buyers will benefit from ordering your gig and ensure that you use your main keywords and even let the keywords be in upper cases. At the end of your description, always Call To Action that is “ORDER NOW” etc and tell the buyer to contact you before placing orders. On your Category, ensure that you pick the right category for your gig. Some guys out there actually believe that putting their gig in the less competitive category will increase their chances of making sales, well ! that is not so, Put your gig in the right category.
  • Gig Gallery image: Here you have to own the copyright of the image that you upload to your gig gallery. This is the major reason why some new sellers get their gigs denied. Don’t get images from Google for instance for your Fiverr gig. You have to be the owner of any image you use on fiverr.
  • Tags: Your tags are your keywords which when searched for by buyers, your gig will be seen, put a right tag for your gig to be seen. One little idea you have to employ here is that you have to take yourself as the buyer that needed to buy a gig that you offer, what you do is think of possible keywords that has to do with your gig. For instance if you are offering Ecover Design, your possible tags could be Ecover, Ebook, Designs, Kindle, DVD etc.
  • Duration: This is the period that you will have to deliver your order. Some guys believe that choosing 1 day to deliver will attract buyer to them, though it is true but you are at risk of late delivery when you start getting much orders, all you need do is EDIT your gig and increase it a bit to your taste even if you can deliver within 1 day and try as much as possible to deliver on time, buyers appreciate early delivery and good job too.
  • Instruction for buyers: Here is where you tell your buyer so give you the Information or materials you need to get His work done for him and make sure you use polite word while communicating with your buyers. Don’t be harsh for any reason whatsoever.
  • Adding Video to your gig: Fiverr recommends that sellers should add video to their gig as that makes the buyer know more about what you offer. That is very simple, there are many ways to make a video for your gig, it is all left for you to choose.

    NOW another important thing is…
  • Promoting Our Gig: After creating your gig, you have to show up your gig to more targeted people outside fiverr for you to make sales. There are many ways to promote our gigs, Promotion Via social media sites like facebook, twitter etc. Just think out ways to promote your gigs.

    Hope you like the little tip, Cheers,

    To your Success. :)>-
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