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Why review not showing even showing Tip!


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Just now, digitalavinash said:

Buyer accepted my delivery and provide Tip money, but no review is showing there.

A buyer can mark the order as complete and give a tip even without leaving a review.

Unless you were prompted to leave a review for the buyer, it is likely that the buyer did not leave a review.

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7 minutes ago, digitalavinash said:

But buyer told me he given review.

Why did he tell you he left you a reviews ? Did you ask him ?

You know discussing reviews may trigger a warning sometime ?

Why are you so worrying about reviews? Just let it be..you have your money and extra Tip..dont care much about reviews now !

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Reviews don't show up for several days unless you leave him a buyer review right away.



Once an order is marked as complete, a buyer will have 10 days to leave their review. Once the buyer submits his/her review, the seller will receive a notification and will also have the opportunity to leave a review about working with the buyer. 

Note: At this stage, sellers cannot see the buyer's review.

Once both seller and buyer have completed their reviews, or the 10 days have passed, all posted reviews are made public. 


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9 minutes ago, digitalavinash said:

But no review reply option showing here.

That is more than likely because the buyer did not leave a review. 

I have had many buyers leave me a tip and not a review. Many buyers do not wish to have the sellers review show on their profile because then others can se what services they are purchasing and who they get it from. 

Just be happy your buyer is happy and move on. 

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