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I will create instagram shop, and facebook sales channel to boost your sales


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Hi, You know Facebook and Instagram is the biggest Social Media Platform in the world and all the customers are already here. So, FB & Insta Shop is very helpful for a business.

So, I will Setup Facebook Shop and Shoppable Instagram Product Tagging for your Products and then you can grow up your Business and sell Products very easily.


  • FB Services
  1. Setup Business Page
  2. Setup Facebook Shop
  3. Facebook Pixel
  4. Product Listing & Catalog
  5. Services Tab & Appointment
  6. Setup CTA Button (Shop Now)
  7. Page Optimization
  8. Linked Social Accounts


  • Insta Services
  1. Setup Business Account
  2. I'll help to Approve Instagram Shop
  3. Product Tagging
  4. Account Optimization
  5. Linked Social Accounts
  6. CTA Button (View Shop)

>>>>kindly contact me for more details<<<<



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