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7 minutes ago, farzanayousuf02 said:

How many times I should share my Fiverr gigs?

And which social media is best for fiverr gigs shareing?

You should never spam your gig into Facebook groups and so on. You're not going to get buyers from it. 

You should work on optimizing your gig here on Fiverr, making sure it looks great and offers something of value to your buyers that they need. 

There's no set number of times you should share your gig. It doesn't work like that. 

The best marketing you can do is representing yourself truthfully and professionally, knowing exactly who your clients are, what they are looking for, and how you can solve their problem. Then you need to communicate how to your buyers, using great gig images, gig videos and your description. 

Think about what makes you different from all of the other sellers in your category. Why should I buy from you, and not someone else? You need to know this before you start selling on Fiverr. 

You should focus on marketing yourself on Fiverr, rather than cramming your gig link into Facebook groups and so on. The groups that are for sharing gigs are just full of desperate sellers who have no idea what they are doing, and if you share it in other groups you're just going to annoy their members. 

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Success in freelancing is, most of the time, a matter of traction: the more orders you complete, the more impressions you get, the more clicks you get and so on. One thing you can do to gain traction is to offer you service through the Buyer Requests section of Fiverr. Someone will eventually click on your offer and place an order, which will help your Gig exposure in the search listings.

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