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Buyer cancelled order and I'm deducted more than what buyer paid



Hi, first time I'm experiencing this and it was alarming to see that notification.

I recently delivered a catalog design and clients was satisfied with a 4.7 star.

Today i see he cancelled the order without letting me know atleast why and $48 is subtracted whereas $30 was paid.

What can i do about it

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1 minute ago, imagination7413 said:

Depends. Was it, specifically, 'Cancelled by Buyer' (and not by Support)?

If so: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010978618-Chargebacks-and-seller-protection


I think it's support.

Received this mail an hour ago and the money has been refunded.


Hi greyscript,


Your order with xxxxxxxx was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.


The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer.

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