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I have not received any order for 4 months😢


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13 hours ago, mdkhaled360 said:

I am a new seller. I completed 8 orders 4 months ago. I'm always active on Fiverr. I have 4 positive feedback. But I haven't received any orders for 4 months. Please, someone, give me some good tips.

You can edit or create some new gig. Properly research make wonderful gig then provide your service. 

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following list includes some of the most common techniques used to improve conversion and increase sales on Fiverr.

  • Be trustworthy, follow Fiverr TOC, be honest with your Buyers.
  • Add a professional, appealing profile image. (headshot or logo)
  • Be well informed about your skill(s), and confident in your service.
  • Be quick — deliver orders and reply to messages as fast as possible.
  • Communicate professionally, consistently.
  • Maintain Seller Level, 5 Star Rating, and favorable feedback.
  • Price your services correctly based on market research.
  • Have an updated portfolio on hand for buyers.
  • Stay active on Fiverr.
  • Upload more original, attractive Gig images.
  • Offer Upsells and Extras.
  • Create descriptive FAQs for your Gig(s).
  • Target relevant & important keywords in Gig description, title and tags.
  • Add a clear, detailed Gig description, capitalizing the more important words.
  • Add an example video for each Gig, thereby increasing sales chances by 220%.
  • Edit your Gigs as little as possible.
  • Market/advertise yourself, and your Gigs, on social media, blogs, and forums.
  • Create your own website or Facebook page to drive traffic organically.
  • Offer a bonus to Buyers who purchase multiple orders.
  • Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and with prominent placement.
  • Frequently gather insight from your analytics to set targets and forecast future sales performance.
  • Research and find inspiration from top selling Gigs. Notice their title, descriptions and tags.
  • Using your keywords, check your Gigs' availability in Fiverr's search results. No show? Contact CS immediately.
  • Install Fiverr Mobile App to get messages fast and view your stats.


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