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Buyer doesn't like my first concept, but would like to pay for more new concepts


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Hi everyone!

So I have this client that would like to make a new logo for personal branding of her name (She had once use my services for her other brand & really likes my work previously). In my initial premium package, I wrote that I'd make 2 logo concepts + complete branding style guide (packaging, mockups, etc.). We were still in the making of the logo concepts, but when I made the concepts to present her I made more than 2 concepts, because there's quiet a lot of elements that she provided in the brief to choose & inspire me. It was completely my own initiative to make more than 2 concepts & I couldn't help but experiment them to see which she likes more. After waiting for her feedbacks, she felt like the concepts are a bit too complex for her & didn't quiet like it, she wanted a more simpler & minimal concepts. But she also said that it was also her mistakes not mentioning that there are certain elements/symbols that she doesn't want to use (even though those elements/symbols are related to her name). However she was really sweet about it & wanted to pay me more for addition concepts & my time. I'm a bit conflicted about it because it felt like it's my responsibility if she didn't like it & improve them by making a new concepts for her, but at the same time she also said it's her mistake not providing some info which she didn't want to use (even though it is related to her name)😂

Do I just accept that she wanted to pay more for addition concepts & my time, or do I just offer to her that it's fine not to pay more & I can just make a new concepts that's much simpler & that she likes ?

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