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Hey guys i have got my first order 9 days ago and since then there is nothing i am kind of frustrated​​​​​​​...


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13 hours ago, ebrahimbounaija said:

i used to do ecom and switched to freelancing now i really crave orders and  am kind of lost here i dont know what to do next any advices would be much appreciated thanks

So you quit whatever you did, but without a proper business plan? That's not the best idea I've heard. Actually, it might be up there with the worst ideas. You can't just "switch to freelancing" and then sit there, "craving orders". You gotta work for it. You need to know exactly what you'll be offering, why, to whom, and how. You need to have a value proposition in place - something that differentiates you from the gazillion other sellers on the platform - and you need talent, being really good at what you do. 

If you lack any one of those, you're going to get hit by the door on your way out. 

So, @ebrahimbounaija: what is your value proposition? How have you planned for making it financially while you're operating at a loss for maybe a year or longer? Do you have a backup-plan if it fails? Do you have the skills required to operating your own business, and a product/service that you can make better and more unique than your competition? 

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@smashradio Hey hope ypur doing great i agree with what you said and i might look as a rookie but i am not i have been doing this for the last 4 years i know what i am doing i offer to build websites for people who have offline projects to help them gain clients online i have the skills needed for this job and i can assure you that i am not afraid to operate at a loss for a year or so i dont mind as long as its my responsibility... knowing that fiverr is just a cash flow to something bigger

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12 minutes ago, ebrahimbounaija said:

@smashradio Hey hope ypur doing great i agree with what you said and i might look as a rookie but i am not i have been doing this for the last  years i know what i am doing

Great! I didn't say you were a rookie. Ok, so we're assuming you already know what you're doing. That's good! 

Then I would do the following: Imagine you were a client of yours. You have to help build an online presence for your business. What would your first steps be? You don't have to go through your entire process here; it's just to give you an idea of how you can attack this from a business perspective. I used to do web design (I'm actually quite good at it, but I only did it for clients as a side thing to help out friends and so on, plus I operate a number of my own websites.)

I would look at some of the following stuff to consider how to move forward: 

  • Market research: knowing who the clients/buyers are, and what they are looking for. What are their pain points, what type of friction do they encounter when trying to launch a website/hiring a web designer, and how can I remove that friction, solve their pain points, and get them exactly what they are looking for. 
  • Setting up a strategy for how I would go about doing these things. 
  • Work through it step by step, starting with the "know your buyer" point. If I was a client looking for a web designer, what would I look for? Great communication, high-level design skills, the knowledge needed, something that tells me "this is my guy!" and all of that at the right price for me. 
  • I would also look for someone who already have social proof of their skills. That's the most challenging part as a new seller, since you don't have any reviews yet. So I'd think about how I can attract buyers to begin with, for example, by offering something that is extra with your competition for free to get started. Let's say your competition tends to charge extra for installing 1-5 plugins. You could include that for free. You should also explain why plugins have to be installed, what they do, and why it's great to get that included rather than paying extra. That's just an example of a value proposition. 

Don't forget:

  • Grammar: make sure your English is near perfect, with no typos of any kind. It screams "unprofessional" if you can't communicate perfectly with attention to detail. 
  • Gigs with a great, high-quality gig video have higher conversion rates and click-through rates. Use that to your advantage. 

Best of luck, Ebrahim!

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