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Cannot order with all my cards anymore



Hi, I ordered a few gigs today due to I have a few personal projects that I am outsourcing for my business. It's outside Fiverr business so I am wondering why after a few orders to diff. sellers, Fiverr doesn't allow me to order anymore. I have used PayPal and cards I own. Anyone having the same issue as a buyer? Thanks

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Just now, kindtechgroup said:

Yes, thanks for your reply. I am guilty that I did order 7-10 orders at the hour but it is not ideal to block payments that way I think because I am a business and I delegate projects or tasks to Freelancers but you have a point because it is my first time using Fiverr for huge projects

I have a couple of clients who make at least $500 and above orders who encounter this from time to time. Not sure if its from Fiverr's end or the provider's end. But I have noticed a problem with payment really does comes up from time to time. It usually gets solved through them trying to purchase again a couple hours later or calling their provider. Talking to Customer Support might help too. Hopefully that gets sorted out for you!

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