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3 hours ago, alena_sarkar said:

the buyer request is no longer coming.
Will I talk about fiverr support and see how good it will be for me?

Like I keep telling people who complain about this on these forums... perhaps you do not qualify for many buyer requests that you can respond to. The Buyer Requests section is a tiny, tiny, tiny part of this site, and will not be where all of your orders come from. Your orders will come from buyers who either find you in the search system, of whom you direct to your own gigs. 

It is not Fiverr Customer Support's job to make sure you have buyer requests. 

Please learn to operate as a freelance service provider -- as an actual business person. Your orders will come from your target customers, not random requests from the Buyer Requests section demanding as much work as possible, for the cheapest possible price. 

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