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First Time Gig, Need Opinions!


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Hello everyone! this is my very first gig and i want to ask something since i'm not experience enough in this platform and stuff.
*Note that, there'll be so many date

August 6th, the first order came in and it's the day i process my gig.
It's about Desigining UI on 'G' Website , and because i was so excited about the gig i design it all night long and on August 8th i completed and delivered the work.
On August 9th, the client ask for revision and after that i revision the design and Deliver it on August 10th.

Because the client still not satisfied, she asked for another revision and when i ask for the design feedback ( Because i'm so confused about what she wanted, and she didn't give the details and stuff so i asked for feedback) I feel uneasy because keep asking her about the feedback, but i need it and she didn't cooperate and keep saying busy everytime i asked her and after that i asked for extended time for 3 days. But, she still didn't give me until August 13th she told me to extended for another 5 days. 

5 days later, no communication about the gig, and i asked for extended time for 10 days on August 19th, and she accept. 
August 22rd, she told me that she rather have me to design for other website because my design for the 'G' Website it's not going with the flow (?). On August 28th, she sent me a web copy document of the other website and she said that sh.e will give me the guideliness, logo, etc. soon becuase it's still on progress. After that,  i begin to design it and i also asked for 7 days  extended time. 

And September 5th, i asked for 15 days extended time because no communication about the design, guideliness and stuff. And yesterday, i asked for it and she said is till on progress. From August 8th until now still not finished 😞 

The point is, is it really normal for client to do this? i really need some opinions, because i'm newbie. Thank you for reading and your opinions will help me a lot 🙂❤️ 

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