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I have a question for sellers who got atleast 1 order so far


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Hey welcome. 

The answer is there is no approx date because every situation is different. It can take from one day to a year, some never even get a sale.

You can try looking into the Buyer Request section, be quick to make the first offer to requests that you are confident you can deliver great work for.

Other than that, effectively marketing to social media to get clients. Learn where the clients who are in in need of your services are and find out how to market to them to get it to redirect to your Fiverr profile. Read more: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010452457-Using-Fiverr-Anywhere-to-Send-Custom-Offers

I have not tried this myself because I don't market my gigs but I am sure this route works if you know what you're doing. I have seen it firsthand and know many people (Fiverr and non Fiverr friends) who do this to get clients for their services. 

It may be difficult to get a first order wherein a buyer finds your services listed when you're just starting out and with no reviews. But once you do get several orders (through the methods above - Buyer Requests and Marketing) you will have solid reviews and your gig will do better in the search results giving you more chances of getting buyers naturally using the search bar.

You will have to take into account how in demand your services are and how your competition is doing.

Hope this helps and I wish you success.

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3 hours ago, permeet said:

How many days did it take for you to land your 1st order? Please mention so that it'll help new sellers like me to get an idea on how long to wait (approx).

Spend some time to read here. You will get plenty of same questions and thousands of expert opinions, but the problem is People don't read. We want quick success only. Happy freelancing. 

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