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They showcase my order as "Canceled" after being completed and neither me nor my customer requested any cancelation


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2 minutes ago, lunailustracion said:

Hi, I wish to understand what happened here. I see this on my dashboard, and it's very rare because no one asked for a cancelation. I don't understand why I didn't receive the money when my client says that she is perfectly happy, she paid normally, and she didn't start a request of any kind. I'm very upset.


If the order wasn't cancelled, you should reach out to customer support and ask them why this happened. They might be able to offer more help. 

Keep in mind that the buyer could have requested a cancellation directly with support, so that might explain it. 

You can email them at support@fiverr.com :) 

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Starting with the comment from @smashradio,

I would like to 2 more lines that, buyer may initiate dispute from the payment processor as well.

No worries! you should contact support, share everything that you did a good job.

Hopefully fiverr will give you 100% compensate according to their seller protection policy.

But the order still be counted as cancelled in your order analytics (hence it will not affect your completion rate hopefully) 

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