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Promoted gig feature deranked all my gigs to last pages


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I am a level 2 seller at Fiverr. Everything was going smoothly but 2 weeks ago  I received notification that some of your gigs no more promoted. After checking I come to know that it is not only no more my gig is promoted, also my all the gigs deranked to last pages and impressions fall below 50 from 10000 for all gigs.

My All statistics on my dashboard are 100%

order completion rate is 100%

positive rating 100%

on time delivery 100%

inbox Reply time 1 Hour

Order reply time 1 Hour


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It has fallen short of the quality and additional metrics needed to be promoted.
Additional quality metrics vary from seller to seller and the service that they offer.
What I can recommend is that you keep doing your best, deliver quality work to your buyers, and you may meet these quality metrics in the future.
Know that this is proprietary information and I cannot share any details on what these additional quality metrics are.

I strongly suggest sharing your Gig on social media and trying to attract potential buyers. It is imperative to deliver as high of quality service as you can, that might be the most important thing, along with responding and delivering on time.

As for your Gig, keep in mind that Fiverr shuffles them from time to time, giving some other sellers a chance to be seen on the first pages, Fiverr can't guarantee its position in Search.

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