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If you want to get rid of Unlimited Revision !!

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Revision !!! He is a terrible name for newcomers. Especially for those who are sitting with unlimited revision in the hope of getting a client, a revision of ৫০ 50 for only ৫ 5 is really a pain. But we can reduce the amount of this revision if we want. Not everything in Fiber is like a tablet now that will be solved by playing with it. If you want to work here, you have to be smart, you have to understand every client and then you have to know how to take the job and give it that way. After that there will be income, there will be liberation from the nightmare called revision. So let's not know how the system of revision has actually designed the fiber, the reverse of which we have all been using for so long!

Many people have made life difficult by giving revisions, which is really hard. Many have revised the 10 job to 100. He also pays to create demos in big markets or professional clients. There are many people who work at Fiverr like Kalur's bulls, but they don't get a fair price.
However, those who are completely new and think that the work needs to be learned in a better way. They can turn on unlimited revision options. Because you will not learn if you change by working. In many cases many clients work with amazing guides who can make your work more professional. Faysal
But those who have confidence in their work, they will keep 1-2 revisions and tell the client inbox that at most I will make 1-2 changes, after that I will charge so much for each change and this is the real rule. As with the 1 year warranty on the product, we also make some revisions but it should never be unlimited at the professional level. You can tell the client that I will take ড 5 for the next 2 changes, then the client will be tempted to save ৫ 5 just by making one change. 3
Let's learn some more tips on how to avoid this revision!

1. Thought from orthodoxy. Why does revision come? The buyer does not like work. Why not, because you can't do that in 90% of the time. Didn't do it from ENAF Skills, or did ENAF Market Research. So offer the work that you can do with 100% confidence on Fiber. Gone are the days when we used to open gigs and learn to work. Now you have to learn the job one hundred percent and pay the gig.

2. Tie the job you can. Many of us become unconscious, especially when we see new Ra Buyers. I think Ares is holding the first dollar in his life, throwing away whatever is in his fortune. Later, there is a bash on the forehead, who can't save the order even with hundreds of revisions. Result canceled, and profile down. So if you buy inbox or offer unfamiliar work, don't be lazy. Understand whether the work will be yours. Then take it in hand.

3. Speak openly. If you have a professional gig in a proper way, it doesn't really matter. But in many cases the buyer inbox. What he wants there, whether there is any work inside the work. What can you do, what do you offer, how do you submit a job? What format to give? What not to pay, what to charge extra, do you have any discount? There is a lot of talk about whether there are any extra skills that buyers can buy. I'm not saying you talk for 5 hours for ড 5, but if you work without knowing the initial work process, the buyer will add more work, demand extra work at the end of the work, give revision, cancel. So shoot the work at the beginning.

4. Learn Communicative English. If you want to follow point number three, then don't read Paschal in Bengali, you have to read it in English. And so there is no substitute for the Basic Communicative English Shaker. At least using grammar, if you can explain to the buyer. You don't need so much grammar. But some of us like Shemale DA (name may be wrong) say C You Not For Mind Have A Relax Type Incomprehensible Meaningless English which is very ridiculous and unprofessional. There are many books available in the market where hundreds of such conversations are given. Learn them. And for practice you can join our free English communication class Learn English For Tomorrow where spoken practice is done three days a week. This is a personal initiative of mine so everyone, boy or girl, can join the session.

5. Think of the client as your girlfriend. (You have to think about what you think and say it later). Give them all the love inside the heart. Ares no, you can not be fun. Later, if the client proposes and the ID is banned, he will defame my name. I mean here don't be stingy with the buyer. Your 2 minute job and the field near it, especially the ড 100 job or more. Any source file on your hard drive is the equivalent of a golden deer. Two extra services will probably save you the cost of hiring another seller later and bring him or her back to you. So give him as many offers as you can afford. Like telling him I will give you free service for next 10 days. That is to say, the revision that is twisted in an active review will no longer exist. Because he will know that Ares Cellar is there. He will change it if he wants within 10 days. Even if you don't analyze so many hair slits now. And once he left, there was no time to return. At least 99% of my buyers do not return to take revision. But after 10 days that free service or suggestion d War offer, because of this many people have bought gigs.

After that source file, I myself would give it extra money for a while. Later I thought what is the benefit of freezing them? The work is mine. I can and I'm doing what I'm doing. It won't work for me anymore, if I'm satisfied with that beta? Give it, but if there is something more relevant to save on PC, give it and it says in the first part that it will take this, I will give this for free. Then if there is a tuk tuk change, he may not want it out of love for you. And the five star rating will not be left out. 🙂 Faysal
Conclusion: Read brother, this is also important.

So, brother, as I said above, now there is no tip for two rupees that if you arrange the gig like this, then you will get the job, if you use this key word so many times, the work will be flooded, the buyer will give Riku, Han Tan will come to work. In fact, there is a lot of work to be done in these, but at the same time you have to work very technically, you have to develop yourself efficiently, you have to keep your eyes and ears open.
Keep an eye on the community side by side. It is an amazing platform for newcomers.

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