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how i manage my time for orders from fiverr


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Few years back, I had few gigs offering services. But, as they need much or some time to complete orders, I was searching for services which can complete within a small time duration but has more demand and valuable.

So on these days, I saw there is a high demand for online shops. then I search for platforms, from which I can create shops but very easily and providing more features for the price being paid.

I found many platforms available there, but if one platform provide all, the price is high, if price is low, then there are limitations. In this experiment, I didn't get a good result by searching. But while reading e-books I have downloaded from the internet, I got one platform named CeylonShops which provide ecommerce shop and there were few things I was expecting, mainly spent a less time and do much works.

So I created a nice gig offering a service - creating a complete(with all the features and analysis reports), ready to sell online shop at CeylonShops. Actually this is not creating but generating a shop. What I have to do is only provide my buyer's general information to CeylonShops such as logo, email, domain of the shop, policies of his shop, etc. Then this platform generates a shop for me(my buyer) within a day or two. That's all. Its kind a cool isn't it? I even don't need to develop anything, but since I can do programming, I went a further step and providing customizations as the platform allows, so my buyer can have his own unique theme. It also can buy from ThemeForest or something like that, and integrate to this 🙂 Finally, I am spending less time and do more sales.

I understand now there are lot of services available on the internet. We just can connect these things from one to another. So I am continuously finding this kind of resources. If you also found a one, please comment.

Good day to you and Enjoy your life - Sharing is love 🙂❤️


My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/itschelsea/create-a-full-ecommerce-shop-with-unlimited-products-at-ceylon-shops

Platform I use: http://www.ceylonshops.com

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