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Quality goes a long way!


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If you want more orders for your gigs I recommend delivering top quality in all you do. There is nothing worst than paying for a service even if it’s only $5 and getting something that was not good at all or below standard.

Some ways to know ahead of time that you are delivering quality work.

  • Ask yourself if you were the customer would you like the finished product that you just created?
  • Is there anything that looks rushed about it?
  • If it applies to your gig “is it audio quality, are my clothes ironed, could I have taken a better picture?”
  • Would my customer recommend this to another colleague or business partner?
  • did I deliver them at least what is offered in my gig description?

    These are just a few things to consider before delivering your finished product to your customer.

    One of the best ways of promotion is word of mouth.

    If your work does not speak for itself then you may need to rethink about quality when working on you gig.

    Customers will be quick to leave negative feedback if you did not do something that your gig mentioned. One way to avoid negative feedback is to keep communication between you and the buyer at least once to get clarification on anything you may have a question on rather than delivering the gig hoping they will love it.

    Have fun on fiverr guys and continue to drive great results!!!
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Guest eclients

I completely agree. I am brand new to this site. A friend recommended it to me and I have had 40 sales in 20 days. Most of which are from repeat customers. I feel like you should work hard and do the best job you can no matter how much you are getting paid. If you do that it will really show! Good luck everyone.

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