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Fiverr gig deranked and promoted gigs unqualified


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Hey Everyone,

I hope this will find you well. So, I have a news: My gig is not in search results and also promoted gigs are unqualified. (gig is showing up in Fiverr's tool to check if it's active)

On the start of last week I got Fiverr's choice badge and 3 orders from it. And on the end of the week 4th September Sunday. I lost the fiverr's choice badge and after half an hour. Ranking was gone and and promoted gigs were unqualified. 

5 star rating 280+ reviews

No cancellation or anything. 

Also it's been five days now since no ranking but by the grace if good I secured and completed 11 orders from old clients and completed 11 and got 10 five star reviews. 1 order is pending. 

I focus on after-sales support as much as I focus on pre-sales support. So, not worried about private rating.

After doing a lot of search I think my gig is down because of my extremely good improvement in my "message to order" conversion ratio

I improved 2x

This is the only thing different from my end. 

It's a critical time of my life and need to save up for upcoming events. 

Any lead would be helpful. 


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