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Behance portfolio on Fiverr .


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10 minutes ago, faisalkhan616 said:

What if we send behance portfolio in order conversation/ inbox .? Will i get warning ?or direct action? I Did this many time and just check that ,it is not allowed.

This is a list of allowed links in your description. In my opinion, those links should also be safe to use in messages. I would avoid sharing any other links. 


A way around this is that I've seen some other sellers use, is to upload their content to Fiverr directly, in a message to your buyer. After all, the buyer wishes to see your work, and they probably don't care if it's directly in a message as an attachment, or on a website. 

But Fiverr cares. So you're safer not doing it. I'm not familiar with Behance, personally, but if they offer any way of contacting you/getting your name or contact info, that would violate the terms specifically forbidding the sharing of contact info or circumventing the Fiverr system. 

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