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This gig is not fount order, why? please suggest me


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1 minute ago, aminul_wp said:

I complete first order successfully. but now i don't fount any order, what is problem. please suggest me what need improve my gig

New sellers will often get rotated into the search results to help them get started, but after a while, you will rotate in search along with the rest of us. As a new seller with hardly any reviews, you have to compete against successfull higher ranking gigs by long-term sellers who have spent years building their business on Fiverr. Starting a new business is tough. You have to invest time and money into it, and you should be ready for years of red numbers while you grow your business. If you're any good at what you do, clients will come in time, as long as you market yourself well and keep delivering high-quality projects to your buyers. 


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