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Check My Gig! Is it looks professional?


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Your gig description is a bit weird: 

"After That, you'll get a free sample for the check." What does this mean? And why would you work for free? No true professional have the time to work for free. 

You also went a bit overboard with text formatting in your description, making it difficult to read. 

Your profile description is also lacking. Especially at the end (in bold).

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant with over 5 years of working experience. I have deep knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing. so, feel free to text me. ill back as soon as possible. thank you

Emojis in the package descriptions? Why?

I'm not a designer, but I instantly noticed that the space between the three lines "High engagement", "E-mail template" and "1 day delivery" isn't consistent. I also think there's too much going on in your gig image. It's not as wide as it can be (wrong aspect ratio) and black background on 80s color scheme seems a bit old fashioned and jarring, in my opinion. 

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